What if .. there was a TEDx in Vienna and I was there!

Last weekend I had the opportunity of attending the TEDx Vienna 2015 with the topic “What if …”. I have been following different TED talks via YouTube over the years, looking forward to visiting one of those events live one day. When I read about this event somewhere in spring this year I immediately bought myself a ticket, it was one of the early bird tickets. From then on I was getting more and more curious, especially with each announcement of talks, speakers and topics that will be happening there.

Then it happened the 31st of October, the day of the TEDx Vienna appeared on my calendar, I drove to Vienna and arrived early in the morning in front of the Volkstheater.

TEDx Vienna Volkstheater

We were greeted by the people from TEDx with something to drink and a croissant, including the information that coffee and tea is already waiting for us inside. From that point onwards we were confronted with a more than well organised event. On each corner there was someone from the TEDx team for help and support. At the red bar there was coffee and tea, as promised and in between there were some sponsors who showed you some of their ideas.

Within the theatre there were the talks happening, separated into 4 sessions – Challenges, Systems, Humans & Inventions – and it was all about economy, climate, refugees, asylum, advertising, networks, humanity, time machine, a paperclip and living a joyful life. It was great – most of the talks were interesting, some of them very inspirational and only a few of them were good at the least.

The talks were not only interrupted by some breaks for food and interaction with the other guests but also for entertainment. We had about three performances which were mainly musical events. All of them were great, too. The last one in the evening was quite funny.

Within the past few days after the event I was telling people, especially friends what happened there, what it was about and which ideas were shared because of the talks. During this time I decided to make this blog entry a short one and write six portraits of those talks that moved me the most – they will be published tomorrow, so stay tuned on Sunday.

TEDx Vienna 2015

My Pictures on flickr
TEDx Vienna
What If …

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