Alison, Dean and the Jacks in a Game of Dodge and Burn

Some weeks ago the long awaited follow up to Horehound (2009) and Sea of Cowards (2010) by The Dead Weather appeared in the Music Stores. Some songs  – especially the first song on the album – were published on YouTube in advance. This gave the impression that the band kept the mood and style of the previous material.

When I listened to the first album somewhere in 2009 I mistakenly compared it to the works of The Raconteurs. This being a band that was mainly produced by Jack White and Brendan Benson was a perfect mixture of rough sounds and melodies. Funny thing is that it worked so perfectly well that I loved both of their albums very much, especially the last one. Anyhow, according the comparison I was not happy with the songs on Horehound, the collaboration between Alison Mosshart, who is the singer of the band The Kills and Jack White lead to an album that sound so rough, that the impression it was recorded in a garage without much equipment never left my head. It really took some time of listening to find some songs that found my liking.

lovin’ is wild thing
and if you stand in my way
I’m gonna bully bully baby
bully ’till I’m free
– Let me through

When the second album appeared one year later everything changed, I fell in love with some of those songs (The Difference between us became one of my favourite ones) and revisited the debut album. From this point on I liked the rough sound a bit more.

On their new album they went even more in the direction of becoming more easy listening with keeping their rough sound. The guitars’ and bass’ sound like they may drive through your brain and mostly Jack’s Drums are really hard stuff. The opener I Feel Love (every million miles) shows the listener directly what to expect from the following songs.

Ice Pop Blue Green
Sweet Tooth Yellow Thing
You Dream
In Cartoon Love Pink
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah
– Be Still

My favourite songs are Let me through, Be Still and Rough Detective, later is one of those that would work perfectly as aMusic Video with Jack and Alison singing a duet at a Police Station, maybe while interrogation a crime suspect.

For one side the band managed to go one step further to reach a broader audience but stayed true to their original form and added some intensity and depth to their material like never before. In case you are new to this band, The Dead Weather this is the best starting point to listen to their music.
dead-weather-dodge-burn-album-streamThe Dead Weather Homepage

The Dead Weather at

The Dead Weather at Wikipedia

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