My Life with Topics

My Life with the Rest

… and now to something completely different!

This week I posted each day what future entries you may expect, what topics and what kind of media the articles will be about. During the week you will have articles which will be topic-related, if something important or urgent appears there is still Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and the Newspaper. So far I am not present in any newspaper, let’s see what the future may bring.

Back to what you may expect on Saturdays – my plan is to fill this day with things that happened during the week and do not fit in any of the before mentioned categories or things that started with a book, a comic, a movie or a show and became much more. For example I am reading right now the book “Information doesn’t want to be free by Cory Doctorow“, a book that opens so many doors and offers so many new perspectives that I will write an article not only about the book but my view of the things and what effects may appear in my opinion. Furthermore I attend TEDx Vienna, there it will surely happen that a lot of ideas, impressions and topics will come up. Maybe so many things that I will write two articles about that, publishing them on two different days. Maybe or maybe not, Saturday will also be a “Surprise Day” – for you anyway – but somehow I feel that it will be also quite surprising for me, too.

So, that’s it – if you followed me this week, read the postings and are curious what will happen on Monday. Be aware I do not know it either … so, have a nice evening, right now I will listen to the last speeches during the TEDx and afterwards maybe attend the local

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