My Life with Shows

My Life with Shows

Hello again, this week I wrote about how this blog will be filled with entries in the future and what they will be about. So far I told you about my affection for Books, Comics and Movies. Today I will tell what Shows mean to me.

This is going to be difficult because this is a word that will include a lot of things – shows for children, talk shows, sit-coms, soap operas, season themed shows with huge storylines or even documentaries which are produced for entertaining reasons only. I look at you – fake documentaries about the moon landing (for example) – I love you but you are no real documentaries in the common or even in the very specific sense.

When I go back to the first memories of my childhood I remember watching Pippi Longstocking, the so-called Moomins (die Mumins, in german) and animated shows like Vicky the Viking (Wickie und die starken Männer, in german), Barbapapa, Pinocchio, Sinbad’s Adventures and Captain Future. The later ones were not watched again and remain in my memory as being faboulos entertaining, somehow I do not want to watch it again in fear it may feel different this time, somehow we grow up and become adults. Honestly by watching those shows I didn’t take much with me, any kind of morale or ethical codes that were transported via the stories got lost on me. I loved those shows that were filled with characters and stories most. When Pippi or Vicky fought against the laws of nature or society and solved the situation the grown-ups brought themselves into again I had the most of fun. Somehow children TV in those times tried to tell us that grown-ups are completely lost and cannot help themselves. If only the parents have known – they wouldn’t have let us sit in front of the TV during the day.

Somehow this changed over the years, children TV is filled nowadays with fast action filled and colorful pictures, and today like then produced by anime studios in Japan. Shows like Avatar and Over the Garden Wall are welcomed exceptions. But back to my Live with Shows.

Later on I stopped watching regular shows for a very long time, there were some moments in my time during school when Twin Peaks appeared on the small screen and the Austrian Television showed Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Spitting Image during late night hours. This was amazing, especially Spitting Image offered me a window into the world, not only the British World alone because Spitting Image took the News of the World and made their cruel and often very vicious jokes. Through this show I learned more about politics, religion, media and society than I learned in school. Only a few years ago I bought the first seasons on DVD and I still love it, kinda found out that I missed the first season then and I believe this one was even the most cruel season of them all. I mean – Adolf Hitler being the gardener of Margeret Thatcher and giving her political advice – can it be more sarcastic? About 30 years later the team of Spitting Image received the honour they deserved, there is even a documentary being made for this event where the first steps can be seen. I kinda miss the a lot, whatever happened to anarchic television? Somehow I believe that there is much room for that nowadays.

Somewhere in the Nineties regular TV shows became more and more interesting for me, starting with the relaunch of the Star Trek Franchise, followed by Shows like Buffy where storylines, that went over a whole season were not invented but made popular and a gay relationship was handled amazingly well. Thanks to Joss Whedon whose shows moved me the most, until today I love Firefly, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible. Apart from that I watched everything that was at least entertaining, from X-Files, Simpsons, Gilmore Girls, Friends to Supernatural and many more.

Then in 2005 an old-and-new show appeared and I remember it well. I read an article in my favourite Magazine, SFX about a show returning on BBC. The title of this show is Doctor Who, the article made me curious and I found out that it originally started in 1963. I investigated and found out that not only did Douglas Adams write some of the stories but also the fourth incarnation of the main character appeared in the Simpsons (and Futurama, too). I watched some old episodes like City of Death and Pyramids of Mars, stories who are known to be some of the best during the classic run – and my curiosity became intererst. After watching the first season with Christopher Eccleston, and later the seasons with David Tennant it became clear to me – I became a Whovian! Since then I love this show – why? It is filled with pacing stories of adventure, time-travelling, space-travelling, unknown creatures, societies that live completely different to our own and the stories are well told, dialogues are amazing and actors and writers are great. This is what I love and having something like this on a regular level makes a good TV show.

So, each Thursday will be TV Show day – this will also include some articles about Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson and SNL – and a lot of Doctor Who. So be warned! 🙂 Hope you enjoy this one, have Fun. 🙂

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