R A R I T I E S: Stories, Books & Comics from Neil Gaiman via Humble Bundle

Yesterday I received the information that some of Neil Gaiman’s stories are availaible via Humble Bundle, containing some of the rarest books, articles and comics which were published but are no longer available any more.

Immediately I took a look at the link, visited the site and clicked on the pay button. For one thing this bundle is only available for a limited time, the money can be spent for charity and all those published stories will cost a lot of money if you try to get them in hard copy.

So far I opened “Free Speeches”, “Day of the Dead” and “Love, Fishie” and especially the later one made me smile. It is a collection of poems, stories and drawings by Maddy Gaiman, his daughter. Simply wonderful.

In the upcoming days I will spend some quality time with this bundle, somehow I have the feeling that I will enjoy it. 😉

PS: Please be aware that the picture above shows some rarities by Neil Gaiman, that I own, one of them being “Day of the Dead”, the Babylon 5 script which Neil wrote for J. Michael Straczynski. The others may also be hard to get nowadays but are not part of this bundle. Sorry.

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