You won’t find boy bands, princesses, or purple dinosaurs here.


The website Pitchfork announced today that Jack White’s Third Man Records and Light in the Attic Records release Children’s Compilation and Kids’ Turntable.

The idea behind all this is to bring the joy of vinyl and music to the kids. When you take a look at the art and design of the storybook alone I’d say it will work. Not only that but I also like the mix of bands and singer-songwriters on the album quite appealing. To have artists like Carole King, The Pointer Sisters, Woody Guthrie, Nina Simone among others on the album proves that someone clearly thought about that quite some time. This one was compiled with love for music , especially having in mind that kids may love thoses songs – and if you don’t believe me then listen to Kermit The Frog, singing Rainbow Connection, a gem that is not played very often. Unfortunately.


Apart from that, the storybook and the album they also put a Third Man Mini Record Player into the basket. Wonderful little thing, the funny part is that I was thinking about buying a Mini Record Player similar to this one for quite some time. This turntable even offers possibilities to conert your vinyl collection into MP3.

Have I ordered it already? No. Will I order it as soon as possible? Sure .. knowing that it will take some time until it arrives in Austria. 🙂

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