Review: Big Bang Theory: Season 8

Love & Relationships

Rating: Great, 7 of 10

By the beginning of May Season 8 of “The Big Bang Theory” came to an end, of course knowing that it will continue. This still very successful show may have faced some flaws within the last year but the actors, the writers and the whole team still deliever entertaining episodes.

Let’s take a look back, by the end of Season 7 Sheldon decided to go on trip, leaving for good, due to the fact that Leonard and Penny want to move together. Not much of a cliffhanger, by the way.

This season our friends were confronted with a situation that other TV shows faced before them – this being the fact that the characters became far to well known for the audience, knowing or assuming what will happen before they themselves know. Why? Because characters become kinda predictable. The usual ingredient to improve this is to bring in new characters into the show. This was accomplisged perfectly fitting in the past, we got Amy, Bernadette and Stewart (and some girls Raj met along the way). Especially Amy and Bernadette became more than an addition to the show. I cannot imagine watching and ejoying the show without them.

What happened so far?

Right from the very beginning the relationship between Sheldon and Amy is something that doesn’t work out. Sheldon returning from his “trip” – which is more or less visiting the railway station of each city he arrives in – and calling Leonard instead of Amy to pick him up is the first of many situations where he disappoints his girlfriend. During the whole season the relationship becomes more and more intense and topics like sex and marriage even come up, but … see for yourself.

Penny and Leonard’s characters and their relationship go through some ups and downs, too. In their case these situations lead to improvement in the relationship, both getting more and more comfortable with their situation. After Penny even got a decent job it helps her character a lot to earn more respect from the people that surround her. This is not the Penny anymore we saw in the very first episode – but we knew that this had to happen one day.

Bernadette and Howard’s topics start to change throughout the season, it starts with Stewart being the help for Howard’s mother and afterwards living in this very house and becoming more like a son to Howard’s mother. I still don’t get the epsisode with Howard’s half brother and what was expected of this but anyway. Things between them and their development works out quite fine – it reminds me so often to Monica and Chandler from Friends, where the wife takes over and helps the husband to become a more self aware grown up.

Emily and Raj – somehow I have the feeling that the writer’s have difficulties to find a perfect match, a girl that may fit into this Penny, Bernadette and Amy Triangle and also fit as Raj’s girlfriend. In my opinion – it works okay so far. Laura Spencer is an amazing actress and she brings a new form of sarcastic strange and also creepy kind of humour into the show. I really missed that – I want more of that, please keep her and help Raj becoming a character of his own, he lost his fear of talking to girls, it’s time for the next steps.


What about some highlights (for me anyway)?

I’ll start right away with the girls – each of them develops in a good way. They become stronger and their characters are no side-kicks anymore. They stand and fight for their own topics – which is a very good thing. Unfortunately – on the other side – Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and especially Raj got a bit lost in this development. We see some slight changes, most of the time it’s not about science, movie or comic references but that’s kind not working. I would have love to sit in the audience when the episodes were recorded – I somehow imagine that the audience reacted in a similar way. Every time the writer’s try to leave the nerdy parts and give the boys the chance to grow up there are no gags that are funny enough.In case of Penny, Amy & Bernadette the changes work fine, within the past few years they also got not only used to the nerdy stuff, they also developed their own fan favourites.

There were some moments – which I being a Whovian – loved the most. The one episode with the real-life model of a Tardis that Bernadette wants to get rid of was a very special one for me. As you may imagine I would have loved to be one of those persones who got the chance to own the Tardis.

Was there one epsiode that was far better than the other?


From all the episodes I really liked “The Focus Attenuation (Episode 5)”, “The Misinterpretation Agitation (Episode 7)”, “The Intimacy Acceleration (Episode 16)” and “The Maternal Combustion (Episode 23)” most. Episode 7 featured an amazing guest start – Billy Bob Thornton in the role of doctor who fell for Penny’s flirtation techniques to sell more. He played his part within the whole episode and I loved how one crazy situation led to another, the part where he explained why he believed that Penny was into him is hilarious, since then I love when a beautiful girl lays a hand on the shoulder of the guy next to him and I imagine him counting “one-mississipi, two-mississippi”. Thank you for that!

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