Me and Mrs. Jones

Ref. Article: Hello Giggles – We wish Anna Kendrick’s brilliantly feminist parody of Indiana Jones were a real movie

Like Kit Steinkellner wrote in the above mentioned article from Hello Giggles someone’s quite busy at the moment. In this case it’s Anna Kendrick who still finds time between movie shots and appearances on talk shows to shoot a video. This time we are honored to see her in the role of Dr. Jones in the timeless scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at the very end where the holy grail has to be chosen to save the life of the father of Indiana Jones. Unfortunately there are a couple of grails standning around in this cave. But you all know how that ends.

For the benefit of the Red Nose Day– the scene was adapted in a very funny way. I love the parody and the quirky dialogue between her and the 700 year old knight.

After watching this I crave for more heroines in TV and Movies and yes there are still not enough. By the way is it just me or would Anna be perfectly fitting for a lead in an adventure movie? Looking for treasures, long forgotten artefacts or something like that?

Ah, bring it on, Anna … whatever it may be.

Have fun with the video.

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