Go for it, take your time and give it your best shot!

Ref. Article: There’s good news & bad news for Nintendo

When I read the News some years ago that Nintendo will be able on portable devices other than their own I was very excited. Don’t get me wrong – I had a Nintendo DS and still have a Wii and from all the Games out there Nintendo always provided the most entertaining for me, anyway. One of the good things nowadays is that you can choose

Then it happened – the tablets appeared – completely surprising and without any warning. Just kidding, it was about time and especially Apple grew amazingly fast within in this segment. But you already know that – or lived in a cave the past years. Sooo, what also happened was that the gaming industry started to develop games for tablets and over the years they became better and better. We got Adventure, Puzzle, Role Playing Games among many others, I kinda loved “World of Goo”, “The Wolf Among Us”, just to mention some examples.

Still, Nintendo was and always will be one of the greatest Gaming Developers and the step to develop games for other devices, in this case for iOS is in my opinion a good one. According to the above mentioned article – I don’t think that there are any bad news, I hope that they will take their time and will bring fantastic games on iOS. Furthermore developing special games (apart from the ones for their own hardware) gives them the opportunity to have their own team, in my experience it seldom worked to adapt an existing game from one platform to another.

Go for it, Nintendo, bring it on and 2017 is a good year as any other! The fans will wait and if you take your time it will surely work! Me, I’ll stay curious and until then there will be the chance to make a replay on World of Goo! 😉

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