The first step is always the hardest …

… and congratulations are in order! Great News, Alicia Witt’s first full lenght studio album will be availabe by tomorrow.

Thankfully she will publish it via iTunes, Amazon, on CD and Vinyl! Special thanks for the last – from my side anyway. I bought her last EP on iTunes and I am happy, so I’m looking forward to the new songs. I added a live performance of one of the songs on the albums below – it was a live performance on Oprah. Enjoy.

“.. it’s been a long time coming, but I’m so excited to tell you that my first full length studio album, Revisionary History, is finally here.
Revisionary History is produced by Ben Folds (who also plays drums, bass, guitar and did background vocals on the record) and features 2 tracks mixed by 7 time Grammy winner Michael Brauer.
I’m beyond-words proud of this record and I’m so excited to share it with you at last. ..” – ALICIA WITT

She alone is talented enough to provide with an album full of beautiful songs, mainly played and accompanied on the piano but she also have some friends invited to play with her. Ben Folds & Michael Brauer also appear on some of the songs.

Let’s see – first of all – give her new album a try, listen to it and if you like it buy it. 🙂

PS. Enclosed the music video “Anyway” (2010)

Interview NPR
Wikipedia (en) – Alicia Witt

Alicia Witt’s Official Website

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