Do you miss him, already?

Ref. Article: Will there be a “DoctorWho” Crossover?

Here we are again – actors who have to be persuaded to go back to the role for which they became famous for. In this case Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman, they well earned the fame they got through their performances as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

This time – we are waiting for Season 4 to air! So far they announced that there will be a Christmas Special this year and we can assume that Season 4 will air in the beginning of 2016.

What is there to be expected – what do we hope for, especially because it seems to be the last season:

– Moriarty returns, I still believe that this is a hoax, he is criminally insane enough to make video tapes before his suicide attempt, puts it on a server, connect it with an alarm clock and let it be broadcasted right after his death. Wouldn’t have happened for the first time on screen.
– Moriarty returns, in real and we will never know how he survived the bullet in his head. Sherlock and Moriarty will have a fight where both of them die in the end, again.
– Moriarty returns, he was Holmes real brother all along, Mycroft was adopted.
– Doctor Who appears, introduces Clara to both of them, they travel to the Victorian Age, solve a case that involved a murder by a two headed monster which withheld some important information about the whereabouts of Gallifrey and the four of them (Sherlock, the Doctor, Clara & Dr. Watson) travel to Gallifrey to find out it was there all along. What a Christmas Special Crossover this would be – could be a crazy two-parter broadcasted on the same evening. Ahh, forgit, this will never happen.
– Irene Adler returns, they will solve a case together, fall openly in love and will ride into the sunset on a bike along the Thames. Ooooh, skip that, this sounds even more ridicolous than the one with Doctor Who.

Just joking a bit but as long as Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are involved there can be anything happening, apart from the SciFi-Alien stuff, anyway. I would love to see Lara Pulver in her role as Irene Adler again, and I agree that if it fits into the storyline Mark and Steven will get it right. They proved more than once that they can pull any trick out of the hat!

One last thing – I loved the article by iDigitalTimes, especially the 35 spoilers with the interviews included. Wonderful references, thank you very much.

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