Revisiting … Cups, before they’re gone!

Ref. Article: The Barden Bellas sing ‘Cups’ in New ‘Pitch Perfect’ Clip

Usually … sorry … sometimes artists don’t want to be remembered for the “thing” they became famous for.

For example, many years ago I’ve seen Little Richard and the whole audience screamed for ‘Long Tall Sally’. He played it at the very end of the show, it kinda seemed that he wanted to be recoginzed for his other songs, his performance.

Another thing – it is difficult for many of us to see Harrison Ford and not think of Indiana Jones or Han Solo, even Sean Connery is still connected of being one of the actors who played James Bond. William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy will always be remember for Kirk and Spock and their friendship, not forgetting Tom Baker who will still be THE Doctor for so many. Okay, I admit these are very famous examples and all those actors surely had some difficulties to get rid of the connections, some of them embraced this connection and worked woth it and some of them learned to live with it.

Furthermore – there are two sides to a situation like that – for one thing the artist moves on and wants to be recognized for the work he produces / publishes afterwards and on the other side there is the audience still hungry for their heroes, the characters and stories they love.

In this very case I Anna Kendrick is amazing according her drive, energy and humour. She gets asked for singing the cup song anytime anywhere and she is not getting tired of performing it in talk shows, making a music video and then revisiting it in the 2nd part of Pitch Perfect. Many will say that other actors do that, too and there is money and fame involved – yeah, I get that – but in this case it doesn’t seem that way. She enjoys it, hopefully long enough.

Funny, gorgeous and talented … not a loser at all! 😉

By the way … go watch her going K-Pop, it’s funny and shows even more of her humouros side.

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