Preview: Doctor Who – The Pirate Planet, by Douglas Adams

Ref. Article: Doctor Who Pirate Planet Novelisation Announced

Wow, this is kinda cool, right after we’ve learned that they will bring the beloved “City of Death” into novelisation it is announced that “The Pirate Planet” will be novelised, too.

I, too believe that the later will be much more difficult – “City of Death” stands alone and can be used the way it is. On one hand it is a far more complicated and a timey-wimey storyline but the main elements are more focussed, it starts and ends right here. Honestly, I even used this story for an RPG Evening with friends where I split the group in three different time streams to solve the puzzle, it was entertaining and confusing at the same time.

“The Pirate Planet” is embedded within the “Key of Time” storyline, still one of my favorite seasons of Doctor Who. They mave strangled with budget cuts in those times but they worked hard to not let it be seen on the screen. The stories were good and each chapter within the season worked amazingly well. Mostly I rellay loved to see female Time Lord as a companion to the Doctor, Mary Tamm was amazing!

Furthermore “The Pirate Planet” is kinda quirky in comparison with “The City of Death”, having some strange characters, some steampunk elements and some flaws in keeoing the suspense on the same level.

He admits, though, that it’ll be a more difficult task than adapting the much-loved “City Of Death“. “‘The Pirate Planet’ has that sort of slightly, ‘Oh, maybe we can manage to take seven people in loin cloths out to a quarry in Wales’ feel to it,” he says of a story about a cyborg pirate captain (complete with robot parrot) who pilots a world-eating hollow planet around the galaxy. “The script is amazing but you do have this slight feeling that Douglas Adams has ended up in the middle of an episode of Blake’s 7. And it’s a very odd experience watching it.

This brings it to the very point – I kinda hope that there are some notes left from Douglas Adams to give this story the earned novelisation.

I am looking forward to reading it.

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