Man meets Girl, again and again.

Do you know the feeling … there’s a chef you know and like, he opens one restaurant after the other and you kinda follow him anywhere. Why? Because you love his way to cook and his way of arranging the interieur of the pub. He kinda grows on you, each restaurant is a bit different to the one before but you love the similaritis, he even kinda grows on you. There is this one point where you start to go because of him and not because of the food anymore.

That’s the thing with Woody Allen, he kinda grows on you, delivers movies with wonderful stories that move you, thrill you or make ou think. He shows us drama, comedy and sometimes even mystery in a wonderful old-school and very respectful way.

In the past few years he improved his handicraft, left the bizzare comedy style completely or more or less made it more likeable. I love the movies where he breaks with conventions and storytelling, he doesn’t do that very often anymore. Some of the past movies were great, others were entertaining and some even boring.

This time – again – he delivers the story of Man meeting Girl, the best ingredients for a tragic love story. The Trailer shows us a lot of scenes but doesn’t give us any hint that the story will be more than the entry on the IMDb.

On a small town college campus, a philosophy professor in existential crisis gives his life new purpose when he enters into a relationship with his student.

The main actors are played by Joaquin Phoenix & Emma Stone, both well known actors and both proved that they can handle dramatic and sometimes bizzare love stories.

Am I still curious and will I watch it as soon as it hits the local cinema? Yes, I am and I surely will … because Woody Allen sometimes surprises

IDMB – Irrational Man
IMDB – Woody Allen
Behind the Scenes

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