A virus, only one man left, sounds original .. doesn’t it?

Ref. Article: Salon – Will Forte’s boorish bro-meets-whiny Nice Guy is the hero we love to hate

Somehow I really ignored this one – I believe to know the reasons for that. I remember reading about it and thought … one more? Really? After the 100, Y – the Last Man, The Walking Dead, The Hinterkind, Zombieworld .. and any Catastrophe / Apocalypse themed story that tells us about one man / woman left on earth and the tragic things that happen on the way to whatever they are heading to?

Neither writers nor the audience never get bored with this situation, we are telling the same one over and voer for more then a couple of decades.

From all those I want to stress out “Y- The Last Man”, which at least told us a story of one man being left on the planet and how a society which mainly exists of women reacts on such a situation. It earned some prizes and understable positive feedback from both readers and critics. Especially the situation to start with was an excellent idea and the speculations of how it happened to be were kinde interesting.

Another one is “The Hinterkind”, in which we are confronted with an biological event and a group of humans who live in the Central Park and all the surroundings became a wild jungle again. Here the story is filled with creatures of fairy tales, horror and fantasy myths. It’s so full that it sometimes takes your breath away, I have the feeling that the author and the artist are doing their best to hold it back and try to telle a story step by step, they seem to have a lot up their sleeves, hope that they will be able to do it.


The major difference—and the real sticking point in any discussion of “Last Man On Earth”—is that Phil trades off his real pathos with a posed, nice-guy self-martyrdom that is all too familiar, especially on the internet. He whines, he sulks, he manipulates; he’s both the overlooked loner in all of us and the creepy guy at town council meetings, at the same time. What’s extraordinary about the show is that it manages to hold those two extremes in balance at the same time, as it slowly unspools more of Phil’s story. It serves as a reckoning of this one man’s character—his blind spots and his strengths—that is both thorough and devastating.

Back to the TV show “The Last Man On Earth” – the article by Sonia Saraiya and especially the paragraph above made me at least a bit curious and I will give it a try as soon as I have the opportunity of watching it.

Wikipedia (en) – The Last Man on Earth
IMDB – The Last Man on Earth

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