… and another thing … just about Cameo acting, done the right way!

Comic Book Resources – Stan Lee teaches cameo school in hilarious Audi TV spot

There were some famous cameos in many movies, some of them hilarious. My favorite moments always were the ones where I discovered that it actually is a cameo – which brings us right to the point of what is a cameo anyway? Thanks to Stan Lee there is now a school for that and you can learn the difference between real acting and cameo acting.

In the past years Stan appeared in nearly every movie that featured any kind of superhero, I first recognized him in Mallrats one of the pieces Kevin Smith became famous for! 😉

My five favorite cameo scenes in Movies and TV Shows are (not in order):

– Fantastic Four, as Willi Lumpkin
– Guardians of the Galaxy, being the man talking to a beautiful young girl.
– Big Hero 6, being the father of one of the main characters
– The Simpsons, just being himself
– Chuck, being the guy who tries to kiss General Beckman

Keep on rockin’, Stan! See ya in the funny pages.

PS. I take this as an opportunity to share the “Cocktails with Stan” right here … enjoy the Master himself by being the host of his own little “talkshow”. 🙂

… and as a small bonus, his appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

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