What’s cooking, Cecily Strong?


Seems that the women on SNL are getting better and better. This time Cecily Strong had the opportunity to give a speech at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner and she delievered well.

First of all, I am not that much into american politics, being an European I do have enough to follow here on this side of the ocean. But still, I watch SNL regularly, follow some stand up comedians and Late Night Talk Shows and so to one point or another you get a small picture of what’s happening there. Sometimes between Gossip Stories about Hollywood Stars and/or people who are just from Hollywood anyway.

So, back to the speech of Cecily Strong, I watched the whole speech from the very first minutes and the jokes I got were not only written well they also were performed amazinlgy well.

In my imagination it must be quite difficult to deliver a speech on such an occasion. You have to be critical and humorous without being to cruel to someone in special. Everyone should get their joke and she was amazing, from the President himself to all the other people who were in this room, each and everyone seemed to get his own joke. Some – it seems thanks to their popularity – a bit more than others. Especially Hillary Clinton’s name came up more than once and I loved where the representatives of the Media had to solemnly swear that they will not wri

Alright guys, this next part is a repeat after me, so I need your help here.
I want all the media to put their hands up and swear something to selection season.
“I solemnly swear not to talk about Hilary’s appearance, because that is not journalism.”

The Interview with Cecily Strong, the night before. 🙂

The Full Speech 2015 White House Correspondents Association Dinner

Take a look for yourself, either you’re into politics or in comedy you will be in for a treat. Especially if your in SNL you will be pleased with the performance. 🙂

Dear Mr. President, you probably get this a lot, you are a lot like Madonna, you’ve both given this country so much but in a year and a half you gotta stop.

Thank you so much and Good Night, have a good one and keep on rockin’, Cecily Strong. *thumbsup*

987Obama Correspondents

Wikipedia (en) – White House Correspondents’ Association
Entertainment Weekly – Cecily Strong roasts police, Fox News at White House Correspondents’ Dinner
The Washington Post – Cecily Strong’s harshes burns in her White House correspondent’s dinner

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