Who’s laughing now?

ComicVine – Jared Leto as The Joker Revealed
ComicsBeat – Let Jared Leto’s Joker wish you a happy Friday Night
Comic Book Resources – Ayer reveals Jared Leto’s Tattooed “Suicide Squad” Joker

Yeah, it’s the 75th Birthday of the Joker, one of the most famous villains of all time, not only in the comic universe of DC. His first appearance happened to be within the pages of Batman #1, quite unbelievable that he still sticks with us today. Many writers, artists, directors and actors had their chance over the past decades to show dark sides, sadistic and sociopathic ways. What fascinates the audience and the producers can fill many books.

Let’s come back to the Birthday Party … what better day to show us a picture of a tattooed Jared Leto in the role of The Joker. It lead to quite a buzz and many pages referencing to Movies, Comics and similar stuff took the tweet and shared their opinions.

Apart from this we also got the first Trailers for Batman vs. Superman and it seems that neither Batman nor The Joker will be coming to a rest soon. In case of Batman there is a totally different kind of discussion, where Ben Affleck doesn’t seem to be the posterboy for the role of Batman. I kinda shared the opinion in the very first days and then Kevin Smith wrote a statement and I thought to myself “he’s right”, let’s give him a chance and now I do. In case of Jared Leto there was never a question mark anywhere to be found – at least I didn’t see one. But I get lost a bit here.

Let’s see what the movies and storytellers have in mind for us, I am curious and wish The Joker all the Best, may he be the sociopathic sadistic criminal mastermind forever. Cheers to that!

Wikipedia – The Joker (en)
Wikipedia – Suicide Squad (en)

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