Not only Musicians but Painters, too!?

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Wow, I knew that some famous musicians also worked in other areas and delivered some very fine piece of artwork but I wasn’t aware who

Due to the fact that I have the Album Deja vu by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and this being one of my favourite albums of all time – I saw and recognized the art of Joni Mitchell. Apart from that I heard about Bob Dylan’s art, but that’s it – thanks to the list on the above mentioned link I learned about many others and I like their art. Especially Tony Bennett and Hannah Hooper, nice pictures.

In addition to this list I want to add David McKean who may not be famous as a musician, but still is a jazz pianist who founded a record label called Feral Records.

He become more famous and earned more prizes and recognition with his art. Especially his art for “The Sandman”, where he drew every cover for each issue.

Apart from that he also participated in film projects, designed covers for some albums and books. I love his work, he changes and adapts so many different styles and his art – even if do not like all his works the same way – at least sends out emotions and makes me wonder.

So, take a look and give it try – even the books and albums where he designed the cover art.

Dave McKean on Wikipedia
Dave McKean’s Website

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