New Song, old style ..
Mumford & sons published their third song from the upcoming album “Wilder Mind” this week and I agree with Gina Vaynshteyn from Hell Giggles – this is a song that would’ve found quite a home on one of the first two albums.

Personally. I like it when musicians start to go new ways, try some new tunes or even other instruments. Nn some cases it went very well and we are can be thankful when it works, it give us – the audience, the fans – the opportunity to learn more about their talents, and maybe like them even more.

In this case it really feels like this band is going into a direction where other bands already dwell, some of them even defined the genre. From my point of view this makes it more difficult but not impossible to still enjoy their album – and I will give it a chance for sure, and let’s take a look at it, we have 3 songs already available, just for listening.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Mumford and Sons performing live – each time I kinda missed them or didn’t get any ticket anymore. Let’s see – we can assume that they will go on tour again and will come to a place nearby! 🙂

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