Character Cloning, done the easy way with Tatiana Maslany

A few days ago, the third season of Orphan Black started and we – once again – are in the lucky situation to see Tatiana Mislay giving a tremendous performance by playing quite a number of different characters. She is amazingly talented, from the very first episode she completely blew me away. Since then I have the feeling that she becomes better and better. The fact that she is still taking acting classes shows that she is working on becoming better. This role(s) are not easy to play, each character has it’s own motives and the writers provide complex storylines and well crafted dialogues in addition to that.

One day – and it ill happen for sure – Orphan Black will come to an end, still hoping that the producers / writers will find a way to provide a satisfying ending. Something that will become more and more difficult the longer the show will run.

This makes me wonder what will the talented Tatiana Maslany play afterwards, will there be any challenges left? Sure there will, any new role can be a challenge by itself and it the end it depends on the writer on what he may have in mind for the character he develops.

So here are only a few ideas on what may be possible and may be be fitting.

What if …
– the Doctor (Doctor Who) will find Gallifrey and there will be other Timelords, again. Then I would love to see Tatiana Maslany playing a female Timelord,
– the Doctor (Doctor Who) dies and reincarnates in female form, played by Tatiana Maslany,
– the Comic Sex Criminals gets its chance to be adapted for the small screen and Tatiana Maslany may play (or Mila Kunis who would also be perfectly fitting) a major part,
– Terry Pratchetts Wee Free Men gets adapted and most of the witches (apart from Tiffany Aching) will be played by Tatiana Maslany,

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