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Yesterday evening I went through the Previews The Comic’s Shop Catalogue and found some new titles and I sent the order for the upcoming Comics this morning, especially those that will be published in June 2015.

Enclosed you’ll find some of the gems I discovered, maybe some of them are interesting for other people, too! This time this post is published as a Daily Snippet, only – I plan to enhance this in the future and may provide more information and some gems directly from the actual Previews! 🙂 So, be warned!

Black Hammer (Dark Horse Comics)

Jeff Lemire is quite a busy man nowadays – if I remember it correctly he writes about two titles for Image, co-wrote something for DC, has a title or two at some independent publisher and maybe there’s even more. Not only does he write but in some cases he even draws the comic book by himself. My favourite still is Trillium, if you find a copy or a trade somewhere give it a try, it is wonderful Sci-Fi Love Story.

In this case the art is provided by Dean Ormston whose artwork I love, his still is unique and atmospheric and destined for such strories. Unfortunately today we are informed that Dean is sick and therefore the start of the title will be postponed. All the best for him, hopefully he will be better soon. See for more infos.

Constantine: Hellblazer (DC)

John Constantine, I discovered the character first within the pages of the Books of Magic, afterwards kinda met him again in Sandman and Swamp Thing. After I started reading Hellblazer, his regular title I became a huge fan. During the whole run there were many writers who provided some amazingly fantastic horror stories, filled with occult suspense, strange characters and much more.

Seems that DC tries to relaunch the series again and this time I will be there again, still hopeful, still giving the authors a chance. Let’s see what they have planned for us.

Prez (DC)

Honestly? It is a series about a female president, a 12 issue mini-series and it reads like fun. I am curious, that’s it so far.

Section 8 (DC)

Garth Ennis and John McCrea started a character within their run of The Demon, the one called Tommy Monaghan, better known as Hitman. Within the pages of this series we met the “Group of Superheroes” called Section 8 and it was strange, I will never forget the first appearance of Dog Wielder, I thought … What the … and the series Hitman until then was strange enough.

I kinda loved their work, strange humour, atmospheric stories and cool characters, believe me this can be fun.

Groot (Marvel)

Are you reading Guardias of the Galaxy, have you seen the movie? If not just do it, really … they may be different but both provide you adventure, action and fun! You will not be disappointed.

One of their characters is a wonderful creature, it’s history in Marvel itself dates back for a very long time, always put back in a drawer. Maybe it was Brian Michael Bendis or the movie which led to the well earned popularity – in the end it doesn’t matter, Groot can make you happy, sad and laugh with only a few gestures or mimics.

Very well done, and after Rocket Racoon, Peter Quill etc. got their own title it was time that Groot will get his. What to expect? For me – hopefully adventure, action and fun, what else?

Minions (Titan Comics)

The guys from Titan Comics will publish Minions, really? I couldn’t resist- this may be a complete failure due to the fact that the minions humour only seems to work in animated form. But Titan Comics so far proved that they are capable of transferring the atmosphere of the original coming from the big screen on paper.

Inside Out (Joe Books Inc)

Okay, guilty as charged – I love each trailer so far. When I read there will be a one-shot by an independent publisher I couldn’t resist. No harm done – this will not be an endless movie adaption. Therefore I’ll give it a chance.

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