Why Vinyl rocks … for me, anyway. :)


It was Record Store Day yesterday and once again Record Stores all over the world participated, offered special editions, organized live gigs with some local bands and some of them even offered salesdiscount on their regular sortiment.

This year I didn’t make it, I had no chance of getting some of the special releases, especially no Dresden Doll album. Anyway, I got some nice albums, e.g. Beck, Nick Cave among others. I believe this initiative to be a good thing and the fact that vinyl is having quite a renaissance nowadays shows that is working.

Like Mary Kay who wrote the article on hellogiggles.com I also love Vinyl and I remember the first album I bought when I was a kid. It was AC/DC’s Fly on the Wall, it was not one of their best ones but I kinda loved it then. It was followed by many others and each of them gets its chance to land on my turntable on a lazy sunday afternoon.

Why I love Vinyl nowadays even more than I loved it many years ago? This medium now offers you the advantage of buying and having something in your hands, you can enjoy the artwork, the inlay and some artists really invest time and/or money in the layout of their album. Take the latest Albums from The XX (nice cover art), Karin Park (white vinyl), Attwenger (Green, slightly transparent vinyl) among many others. Also Jack White’s Lazaretto should be mentioned here, because no CD can offer the the same experience you will have with the vinyl edition.

Furthermore you have an easer access to mobile use of the album you just bought. The number of releases who have a Download Code inserted as a bonus is rising, if it is not part of the packages then in most cases they insert the CD as an alternative. So, you can enjoy taking the disc out of the album, putting it on the turntable and sitting on the couch, reading the lyrics, looking on the layout and listen to the album.

By the end of may I will visit London – again – and this time I plan to make a Record Store Tour, just for the fun of it. I am looking forward to, planning to keep you posted. 😉


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