May he save our souls, Preacher is coming …

Wow, it seems that all our prayers have been heard, still not sure where those prayers went. May it be heaven or hell, in the end it doesn’t matter, hopefully they will have fun and make something good right from the source material. And a … lot there is, there were only 66 issues, some specials, one-shots and a mini-series but still Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon filled every issue, every page, even single panels with story, character development, blood and gore, action, violence and one-liners like there will be no tomorrow!

Right in the first issue we meet the main characters which will accompany him until the very end, his ex-girlfriend Tulip and an Irish Vampire called Cassidy. If you think that the start is strange enough you may be in for a treat for the whole journey where we will meet an undead cowboy, a pope of a church that keeps the descendants of christ imprisoned, angels, demons and many more strange characters.

So, AMC announced that not only the vision from page to the small screen will become real, and that there talks with some actors, now they present us an actor for Rev. Jesse Custer, the Preacher who accidentally becomes possessed by an all-powerful creature which was imprisoned by angels. In march this year it was told that they ask for Dominic Cooper to play the role of the main character and now it is confirmed.

So, do I believe that he is a good choice so far? Yes, I do … I kinda look at the characters he played so far and they always are determined, straight forward and also a little bit different, from an eccentric drummer in Tamara Drewe to Howard Stark in Captain America he proved to play those roles perfectly. Jesse Custer is not an easy one to play, especially because he starts as an angry Preacher who isn’t shy to charge the townsfolk during church service about all their sinful ways and later becomes amazingly powerful. There is a lot of character development happening, among the many strange storylines.

I am still curious who will be playing the rest of the cast, I am hopeful that this DC Vertigo Series will be done justice. …. and maybe one day Hitman will be next? Who knows!?

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