Make yourself comfortable and watch whatever you want, whenever you want … just don’t forget your Popcorn …

Wow, I remember it well, I grew up in a country where we had only two TV channels available and you really had to wait quite some time to watch something on TV. May it be a new Show, a Movie or something else, you had to be patient. On the other hand you didn’t have the information about what’s shown in other countries and therefore you didn’t really know if you missed something. When I look back it makes me smile, maybe wondering a little bit if people who grew up with the world wide web, social media and news feeds can even imagine what it was like.

Nowadays you know instantly what is happening on the other side of the ocean, especially news about certain TV Shows and Movies are in the center of people’s interest. HBO’s Game of Thrones sets new records eacht time it is broadcasted and sets new levels, which I believe to be a good thing.

What better time for HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime and others to offer a catalogue of entertaining Material. Watch whatever and whenever you want, sometimes even wherever you want. You only have to pay a monthly fee and everything’s fine.

Honestly – the monthly amount of money they are asking is more than okay – I grew up in the times where the local Video Store was visited quite often, because there was no alternative to seeing anything new on the small screen at home. The downside of this is that you have no complete catalogue available and believe me I do not want to start with the fact that the countries are even different. Here in Austria we are even faced with a limitied catalogue compared to many other countries. The reason for that is clear for me but still I don’t get it, didn’t we reach the 21st century some time ago and isn’t it know as the digital age?

So, just in case you are  fan of some shows and want to follow them in time, just because you want to be there when it happens and be able on the next day to talk with colleagues or friends about what happened you have to use more than one provider. Now it becomes difficult because then it’s not so fair anymore.

But .. there is a solution to this situation, just install a tiny little application, called Popcorn Time, you do not even need to provide your personal data, no account necessary and you can be total anonymous and watch an enormous catalogue of Movies and TV Shows .. and the best thing is that you do not have to pay for this! Nothing! Nada!

Could you believe this? No wonder that Netflix is not amused and tries to get rid of this. Especially on the fact that Popcorn Time is using torrent technology to provide this catalogue. Somehow it doesn’t work out – for now! Personally I hope that it will have enough impact on the actual situation, at least that we will have the same catalogue everywhere.

Take a look for yourself.

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