Ben and the Sound of Music

Do you know the feeling – when you are a fan of an artist, a musician or a band and find a new album quite unexpected in a record store. You look at the album and decide, just because you loved the songs so much not listen to it and buy it immediately. On the way you become more and more curious and can’t wait. You arrive home put the LP on the turntable and listen to it and then it happens … your expectations do not match to the sounds coming out of your speakers, you even wonder about yourself, having bought something when you didn’t listen to it in the record store.

I still believe that everyone had one of those moments, at least once. In my case it happened some years ago with the new album of the “Ben Folds Five”. I was not a huge fan but still I liked some of their songs a lot.

To get back to this moment where I listened to it for the first time – I took it from the turntable slipped it back into my collection, right between thise I didn’t like and those I do not want to listen to again.

Over the years I stumbled upon this album, each time wondering and each time taking the chance and putting it on. Some of those songs started to grow on me. The song “Draw a chord” somehow even became a regular guest on my ipod. Then there was “Erase Me” and “Do it anyway”, the latest becoming one of my favourite songs for quite some time, especially during summer time last year.

Meanwhile I kinda like the whole album. Honestly, it doesn’t happen that often but in this case it took an awful lot of time. Maybe I was in a complete different mood when I bought and listened to it, maybe I didn’t recognize the wonderful tunes for what they are.

Whatever it was I am over it and suggest to try it and listen to it.

Erase Me (Music Video)

Draw a chord (Music Video)

Funny thing is – I am a Fraggles fan – and I found this video quite some time after I rediscovered the album. It hade quite an impact in liking it even more. Take a look, it is great and if you find some time also take a sneak peak at what happened behind the scenes.

Do it anyway (Music Video)

Do it anyway (Behind the Scenes)

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