A Cabin full of Copyright Lawsuits?


Like in many other areas everyone is confronted with the question “whodunitfirst”. Somehow I have this question in my head quite often in the past few days and when you look at it, either its movies, television shows, books and/or comics we will find traces of one story in another which was written before.

In this case it is more than difficult, due to the situation that the story of the movie is aimed to being similar to what was already told. I go so far that one of the main targets was to tell a story in the first half of the movie  that has been told before. Take “Evil Dead”, “Friday, the 13th” and before that were the Horror stories that were told in the evening hours of more than one night of camping with friends.

So, the questions in this case are – what kind of similarities are there, how much influence has the writer taken from the movies mentioned above, why has the lawsuit been filed now and why haven’t Sean S. Cunningham and Sam Raimi haven’t filed any lawsuit so far?

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