Tori Amos, Reissues of “First” Two Studio Albums

I remember it well, my first contact with Tori Amos’ Music. A friend of mine gave me the album “Under the Pink” in the summer of ’95 and I liked it a lot. At the local music store I bought this and her previous album “Little Earthquakes” and I kinda lost my heart. “Little Earthquakes” became one of my favourite albums until today. Each time I listen to one of those songs I lay back and can forget all the troubles. It is a very personal work and for me some of her best songs are on this album.

Some years later, she went on tour with the album “Strange little Girls” and visited Vienna. We attended the concert and it was great, she was alone, no band accompanying her and honestly she didn’t need any. With her music, her performance, her charm she completely filled not only the stage, she took the whole audience away into a land of dreams full of wonders.

Usually I am not that keen on all this Deluxe Editions, some of them filled with stuff that were not used for a good reason but this time it feels different. I was quite successful in finding some of the singles that were released in those times and the B-Sides contained some very good songs. The cover version of “Smells like teen spirit” alone is worth buying for.

Personally I am looking forward to getting a Vinyl Edition, wish me luck.

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