A Game of Media, from Source to Screen


Last night the first episode of Season 5 of the HBO Hit Show Game of Thrones was shown and we learn that the producers continue to go their own way. They do not ony adapt some parts of storylines, they also kill main characters which were supposed to survive or live a bit longer. Maybe they want to challenge the master himself by having a higher death count?

“Weapons do not kill people,

Steven Moffat, Joss Whedon and George R.R. Martin do!”

Personally? I don’t think so. Somehow, after 4 Seasons the producers have proven more than once that they have a master plan. They know the consequences by adapting storylines and characters from the books.

I admit that many years ago I shared the opinion that not to be true to the original source was a bad thing. There were many occasions where I truly found that the concerning movie, tv show and/or comic was badly adapted. People like Nick Hornby, authors who wrote the scripts or participated in the process of the adaption in any way showed me that it’s difficult to compare one thing with the other.

After I read two books and seen two seasons I decided to watch the show first and contnue to read the books afterwards. Why? Just because for me it’s less difficult to do it that way. I will remember things from the show but I will also be more tolerant, usually in case of a good story I fall right into the story forget my surroundings and everything else will be fine.

So, whatever is working for you, just do it, even if you believe that you want to stick to book or tv show only. In my case I love both of them so far, the books and the show.

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