Is it the start of the end of the physical medium?

So, the Simpsons, one of the most famous family entertainment shows of the past years will not be continued. Fear not, this time they are talking about not publishing the episodes on DVD and/or Blue-Ray anymore. For me this seems to fit perfectly in the current development. The digital age is becoming more dominant these days, especially within the television and movie department. Honestly, it took it’s time. More or less, the music business is already there and the CD production is going down with an enormous speed. In the area the Vinyl production has risen like a Pheonix out of the ashes of the late 80s where it fought for survival and somehow lost against it’s younger sibling. Nowadays you find more Vinyl Discs than CDs in some shops. Is this okay? I believe so, it proves that people are still interested in buying the physical media and not to shy to do so. Especially because you find a CD or a digital download code on nearly every album. When you try to compare this development with the movie & tv show department, it’s kinda difficult. Music is consumed in a different way, sometimes running in the background, sometimes analyzed while listening and more imprtantly often consumed while on the way. So, will this be the start of the end of the DVD and Blue-Ray, who knows? If it is then I believe it will go fast, simply because no one is interested anymore in the production and everybody pushes the streaming platforms. Watch out for Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and many more, even their suspicious looking counterparts are getting better and better.

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