Sherlocked, anyone?

So, here we are – it has been announced – via personal mail, Facebook and twitter we were informed last week that there will be a “Official Sherlock Convention”. So far we have a date for the convention and when the tickets will be available. Unfortunately we do not have more information, in my humple opinion it would be fitting if Steven Moffat produces a Teaser with many different hidden hints to what there is to expect. Especially hints that will turn out to something completely different.

As many of you may know already there is quite buzz, questions being the main topic.

– How much will the tickets cost?
– Will there be an event in the US soon?
– Will there be a run on the tickets and will it therefore be difficult to get tickets?
– Who will be there?
– What kind of programme can be expected for the three days?

From my point of view I am a bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong I went to some Doctor Who Conventions, buying the tickets in advance without having any or only some information.

Maybe there will be ..

– Panels with Steven & Mark to discuss some storylines, some plot holes and answers to some strange riddels?
– Special Guests from other BBC productions to spread further rumours about possible crossovers?
– Workshops with the Special Effects Team, including a fall from a roof and a shot in the head?
– Meet & Greet with Benedict & Martin to chat about wether the US version is of any interest?

Whatever will happen, I will not attend – being from Austria I will have to pay for flight and hotel costs in addition – it is or will surely be too much for me for the moment.

So, have fun and enjoy, I have the feeling that they have some suprises up their sleeves! 😉

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