Happiness, quite often the journey is the destination

It must have been the book, written by Francois Lelord, which gave this movie a very light-footed and easily enjoyable touch. From the very beginning I loved the story, the dialogues and all the characters. Simon Pegg showed us a very mature performance of a man who begins to rethink his live, whether the way so far it was good or could have been better, especially with another woman at his side.

In some points of our lives we have all been there, no one is immune to being unhappy or not pleased with his/her situation in life. Getting along with it or solving it is part of life anyway.

In this case Hector lives a perfect life in a daily routine, being in a relationship with a beautiful woman, having a secure job and a fulfilled life. So it seems, but he sees that something is missing, he recognizes that he cannot make his patients happy, not even heal their wounds as he would have liked to. Furthermore he remembers an old flame of his and after talking to one of his patients (wonderfully eccentric played by the gorgeous Veronic aFerres) he is convinced that a journey will be of help.

This is the main starting point, and it is a story well told, we see how he is still the perfectionist at the beginning, not being able to survive alone and evolves step by step into a person who enjoys life and after meeting his freinds from the past recognizes what happiness means.

This movie shows us what happiness can mean and how we, the people can really find and enjoy happiness – there is something, especially a fitting quote for everyone there. For me it is the situation that you have to live through a lot of stuff before you can see it for yourself, there must be fear of losing something or someone, pain or even more before you can clearly see. Some of us find it much earlier and for some it happens in the last stages of their lives.
La vie est un long fleuve tranquille … enjoy the moment, when you are happy.


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