The Morningstar, from page to screen, being in good company for now.

The King of Hell, The Fallen One, Satan … Lucifer is well known under so many different names in nearly uncountable works of literature. Thanks to John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost (published 1667) and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman (first apperance in 1989) we were confronted with a character which doesn’t seem to be evil just for the sake of it. The character was shown with much more complexity and became more and more fascinating as stories evolved.

When the Devil wants you to do something, he doesn’t lie at all. He tells you the exact, literal truth. And he lets you find your own way to Hell.

During the Sandman era we see a Lucifer who meets Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams in a respectful but also distanced way and later decides not only to confront him in battle but to give him the key to hell as a present. At this point Neil Gaiman shows a self-satisfied Lucifer, sitting on a beach and enjoying the view. Later on, during the story line of “The Kindly Ones”  we see that Lucifer opened a Piano-Bar in Los Angeles called Lux.

Some years later, Mike Carey continues his story, first with a Spin-Off and Mini-Series and then with it’s own series. This series was amazing, like Fables plays with fairytales nowadays it played with so many elements of religious beliefs. Especially with long-forgotten characters, gods and myths. Like Neil Gaiman before him Mike Carey showed that he knows his stories well and delievered during the whole run a wonderfully fascinating story.

At the moment the TV shows Constantine and Gotham are in the pipeline, starting quite soon. By the way – not forgetting that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is working on the Sandman Movie. So, the signs are good for DC Comics and especially DC Vertigo to tell some atmospheric stories on the small screen.
My Wishlist for this TV Show is as follows
– Ask Neil Gaiman for writing at least one episode.
– Ask Mike Carey for co-producing and/or writing the first season (at least give him the chance to write the pilot).
– Not only bring the story of “The Morningstar Option” and all that follows on the screen but maybe let writers from DC Vertigo write some new aspects, characters and/or story lines.
– Make a crossover with Constantine.

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