My favourite Magazines

Hello, my name is Christoph and I am …

As you may already know by now I am quite a fan of all things considering Movies, Books, Comics & Music. Therefore it may not surprise you at all that I also love to read magazines, and a lot of them, too. Over the years I gave a lot of printed media the chance to surprise me, to entertain me and keep me hooked up. Only a few of them remained until now … and some of them are …



I remember the day I discovered this magazine very well. I was on my way home from work, I went to the railway station in vienna and was a little early. Not having something to read I decided to go to the newspaper store and take a look. I was intrigued by the cover, it had Eliza Dushku on the cover and some information and interviews about Buffy were promised. I bought it and read the magazine during my ride home. Since then I went to the newspaper store each month to get my copy of SFX. This was not that easy because they only received one or two issues per month, due to the situation that it was a very small store.

After some time I left the job I had for another one and my route therefore changed. Luckily enough I found out about and ordered it immediately. I am since then a regular reader of SFX and I never regreted it for one day. Recently I even prolonged it for another two years.

What got me hooked up and what made the difference is kinda easy to say. The team was and still is a group of fans writing for fans. In each article, preview and interview I have been reading I always had the feeling that they wrote about what they loved, what they liked and what they wanted to tell the world. They always gave me the feeling to be friends, to be a part of them. They treated each artist, writer, director, actor and media well, with love and with respect. They completely had me when I read something about guilty pleasures and found some movies and books in their lists which I also loved, even by knowing that they are kinda … ahh you know what I mean … but are produced with love for the genre, no matter what others may think. In the end this is something that matters and furthermore some of the so-called cult movies were made this way.

For the moment my thanks go to Dave Bradley, his team (also all their predecessors) of writers, keep up the good work and thank you very much for the issues so far.



Honestly, this didn’t came as a surprise for me. Within SFX there were always references to the Comics Media, especially due to the fact that the number of movies adapted from comics started to rise very fast.

I liked it from the very beginning, from the special issues and bookazines by SFX and the very first steps as a stand-alone magazine. What I liked at the beginning was that they included artists and books from the french and belgium area and not only from the US market. Over the past years this got a little bit lost but to be fair there is a lot to tell about this media (don’t forget the huge japanese Manga part of the comics world) and until now they provided a lot of good and well written articles. Furthermore there is no other magazine in existence which comes even close to the quality.

Like SFX the authors give you the feeling that they are fans of the media, the authors, the artists, the series, the characters and their many story-lines. Within their articles they focus on stuff that is surprising and/or new for fans and interesting for people who are new to the media. Treating each one with respect is something that made this magazine to be outstanding.




That’s the classic, the mother of them all. I discovered this by recommendation from a friend some years ago, I kinda liked it then but I missed something, something that I got from other magazines like SFX and Comic Heroes and I am very grateful for that. I bought some issues at the local newspaper store but unfortunately due to the fact that it has to be imported from UK to Austria the price was high. I decided quite soon to buy this one via Zinio and read it on my iPad, this is more than comfortable enough for me.

Apart from that I also love magazines like GEO (especially the series SPECIAL, EPOCHE & SAISON), BrandEins (which is one of the best considering the topics Economy, Society and Politics, very critical in a positive way) and the Rolling Stone Magazine (both the US and the German Edition).

Last year I started to reduce the number of magazines I subscribed to a very small number. One of the main reasons was that I didn’t find the time anymore to read all of them, not even most of them. Another was that I loved to hoard (or collect) them and I reached the frontiers of my home and didn’t find any place to store anymore. It was kinda hard to decide but now I can say that I made it. So far only two are landing in my home on a regular level, SFX and Comic Heroes. Some of the others are now read by me digitally at Zinio or the digital Newspaper store.

So far, thanks to all of you, keep up the excellent work.


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