Are we there yet and am I completely in love?


This one came quite as a surprise for me, kinda missed her breakthrough with the album before. Never heard about her before and now the typical phenomen comes up and you hear and see her name and her music everywhere and you ask yourself ‘is it just me?’

People say I am a one-hit wonder,
but what happens if I have two?

So far I can tell you something about her latest album ‘Are We There’. I received the link to a YouTube Video from a friend and liked it immediately, as usual I tried to find out more about the artist. In most cases I tend to find more of the artist that I like, sometimes even better songs. 
In this case I completely fell in love with the album and plan to get my hands on her previous albums. Right from the beginning I had the feeling that I heard her beforte and then I got it; she appeared on the soundtrack of the movie ‘Only Lovers left alive’ and I have to admit that I liked her material there but it didn’t move like it did with this album. 

The album rotates on my turntable and on my iPod at the moment, and the song that I kinda got hooked up most is ‘Your love is killing me’. I love her voice, her feel for harmonies and melodies, I am very curious about what I will find by hearing her previous albums, especially her breakthrough album from 2012. 



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