Mommy, Daddy, there’s an Evil Mirror hanging on the Wall

Kaylie Russell: Hello again! You must be hungry.



First of all, I have to admit that I love a good ‘scary’ story. Thanks to SFX Review and the mention of Karen Gillan, who has been a Doctor Who Companion for a couple of years I discovered this little gem.

I may have not missed it completely but surely wouldn’t have discovered it that soon. This was in ‘original’ a short story by the same director/writer quite some years ago. I have never seen this episode but now I plan to do so, just for comparison.



The story starts with two kids running through a house, hiding from their father who obviously means to harm them. When the kids have no way of escaping anymore the boy puts the gun on his father. Right afterwards we then see him, being older sitting in a sanitarium, working on what happened so many years ago. Later on we discover that the boy gets released from the sanitarium and his sister picks him up, confronting him that she found and bought ‘it’ and reminds him of his promise.
During their conversation we learn that his sister is convinced that the drama that happened to their family didn’t happen because her father was a crazy man who tried to kill his wife and his kids but because of an artifact, specifically a mirror which their father bought and hung up in his office.
She convinces him and they go back in the old family house, together with the mirror and some installed cameras. All she wants is to present the world enough evidence that there is an evil entity living in the mirror which destroyed her family among many others before.

From this moment on we are told two stories, in one of them we see the siblings being young and in the other story they are grown up and. In retrospect we see how the whole family arrives in their new home, how they start their live there. In the present we see how the girl presents the preparations to her brother to remember him what really happens.

The way of the storytelling is one of the main strengths of this movie, both story lines evolve together to one very high point at the end. There is no flaw, there is no lack of suspense on the way to this point. These are two stories well told.

Alan Russell: I’ve met my demons and they are many. I’ve seen the devil, and he is me.

The characters that are shown are focussed on the family members, during the film we see the parents and their kids and the rest are reduced to being background actors, some of them not even that. The actors for these roles are well cast, we see Katee Sackhoff, Rory Cochrane, Karen Gillan and Brenton Thwaites fill their roles completely. Especially the performance of Katee and Karen as Mother and Daughter is outstanding. How their characters develop during the story is amazing, both working hard on keeping the family alive, each one in their time line.

In the end these are entertaining 100 minutes of suspense, we have some typical Horror Movie stuff but very well written and directed, there are even some moments where you hold your breath. But be warned, there are no big surprises lurking around the corner, what you see is what you get – a good and well told ‘scary’ story without a big switch at the end.

Take a look and enjoy.


Kaylie Russell: I found it!
Tim Russell: What do you mean?
Kaylie Russell: We only have few days.
Tim Russell: A few days for what?
Kaylie Russell: To keep our promise. And kill it.



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