Thank You Jack White

… this time not for the fibre-optic jesus you may have given to Wayne Coyne but for your new Album.


My veins are blue
And connected
And every single bone in my brain is electric



Jack White did it again, after playing with successful Bands like “The White Stripes”, “The Raconteurs” and “The Dead Weather” he decided to go Solo with the Album “Blunderbuss” in 2012. It became a great success, and the step to change the used colors from Red (from the White Stripes Era) to Blue was a good one, too.

Still, each Band and each Album was clearly influenced by the Blues Rock from the early 50s  and mixed in different forms with modern Rock Music. This time in comparison to the Album “Blunderbuss” he went one step further into the past and plays even more of the Blues sounds of the early 50s. I really love the last Album but this time he reduced the Rock sounds and made more Ballads and we can find many more slight melodies. When you think about all his albums you have the feeling that this even feels like the closest thing to a Prog-Rock Album that Jack White can go.

You drink water, I drink gasoline, one of is happy the other one is mean.

My favorites on the album are “Three Women”, “Temporary Ground”, “Alone in my Home” and “Just One Drink”, they are along the other songs very fine Ballads and Rock Songs. Give it a try.

Apart from this Jack White  was in the mood to make something new and when you are interested in buying it in vinyl do it, please. This album is labelled to be an Ultra LP and I was kinda curious what hidden gems Jack put there. After buying the album I arrived home, took the disc out of the sleeve put it on the turntable and I was amazed. I knew about some of the specials that were offered but still, by playing this thing I was amazed – he made it possible that you can simply enjoy the album completely and play some bonus tracks, hidden intros when you change the speed or try to find the right spot with the needle.

This is great and surely will help to make vinyl even more popular … hopefully. Funny thing is that I remember the first published CDs and the Labels included Bonus Tracks and Alternative Versions on the discs to make it different and more attractive for the audience. This time Jack White showed that it goes the other way, too and I love this very much.

Thank you, again Jack White for providing us with good songs and supporting vinyl. Keep up the good work!

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