A Classic Case with Fazil Say and some of his Friends



Some years ago a very dear friend introduced me to the musical works by Fazil Say, an amazing piano player from Turkey. Right after she told me about him, his works and how much she loved his music I bought some of his albums, listened to some concerts on the radio and I can say that he is amazing. He plays with melodies, interprets classical works and invites talented friends to play with him whenever and wherever possible like no one else nowadays. Like many people suggest he is on his way to become one of the most important musicians of the 21st century.

Somehow he seems to have found some likeness to Austria and Vienna in particular, in the past few days he played at different locations and when I found out that he is going to play a concert with some friends at the Vienna Konzerthaus I immediately called my friend who told me about him years ago. Fortunately she agreed to accompany me to the concert, lucky me.


First we went to a restaurant within the beautiful walls of the Konzerthaus, the so-called Weinzirl and enjoyed a delicious dinner there. We took the stairs up to the gallery to our seats, we had a good look at the whole scenery from there. The picture on top of this post was taken right from our seats.

In the first half of the concert we saw and listened to an orchestra, with the company of some of Fazil’s friends. It was powerful, fast and pacing. Honestly, it felt like we were listening to the soundtrack of an action-movie. Sometimes I had the feeling that Michael Douglas and Karl Malden may run over the stage , just for the fun of it and because the resemblance to the sound of the intro of “The Streets of San Francisco” was right there in front of me (just without the bass intro at the beginning of the theme but still…). Due to the fact that it was played very well by the orchestra and the musical guests it was entertaining for the first half. To be fair, there were some very fine moments where the action stopped and the guests were able to perform more or less alone on the stage. I enjoyed those moments and it made it bearable that Fazil was not there playing with them.


In the second half we were confronted with all the things we were waiting for. The audience cheered when Fazil entered the stage and together with Dorukhan Doruk, a friend playing the violoncello we were able to listen to some … experimental sounding tunes. There were many times where this worked so very well, especially when Fazil was playing very hard on the piano, very much by not using the keyboard itself but the strings. It still fascinates me because of the sounds and the melodies that can be created that way.

Right afterwards, Dorukhan Doruk left and Burcu Karadag and Hakan Güngör appeared on the stage, playing their instruments a so-called Ney and a Kanun. Later reminding me a lot to the quite famous zither, which surely has its roots from far beyond Each time I see instruments who look similar I think about the melody of the Third Man, only this time it didn’t last very long. Hakan Güngör played wonderful melodies and together with Fazil Say  and Burcu Karadag they made me forget the tune of the third man. This trio played together very well and there were times where I didn’t wanted them to stop playing. Sometimes they reached moments of perfectly fitting tunes and together they were amazing.


When the music ended and Fazil Say took all his friends on stage and thanked each of them you can see where one of his other talents and strenghts is. During the whole concert and right at the end I recognized a talented musician who is not only grateful for his talents, humble and also takes a back seat to give his friends enough room to perform and to play their music. This is also something what makes him so amazing, something that makes him special.

In the end it was a wonderful evening, an amazing dinner with good music and a very good performance. Thank you for the music of the world, love it.


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