100 days later … time for a short break

So, here we are, 100 days after I started this blog. Like many people before me I was thinking about what I am going to write for this occasion, about me, myself or why I started this thing in the first place.

Honestly, I began because a very good friend of mine not only told me to do so but also why I should do that. She received my reviews about movies and music on a frequent level and told me what she liked about my writing. One day she asked me why I do not have a blog and a few days later I started this blog.

It took me only some minutes to make the setup for this blog, but it felt like eternity when I started to think about my first blog entry. I somehow wanted to tell the world what I think about music, movies, books, comics and stories of any kind.

My expectations about feedback and reactions of any kind to my posts were low, at the beginning and it still is a mostly-for-me-thing. I kinda naively hoped that friends may read it and give me feedback about my style and if they share the same opinion as I do. Like many other things in life it came differently, friends didn’t view my page because they were able to meet me personally and talk with me about the things I love. Instead of that people from different parts of the world viewed my blog. This I appreciated the most, people from India, UK, USA, Canada, Italy who viewed my blog and gave feedback and/or even shared some entries. Thanks to all of you.

As you may know by now I love Movies, TV Shows, Comics and Books a lot, mainly because I love a good story, especially when it’s well told. I also attend live shows with comedians and storytellers because of that. Apart from that I love to travel, good food, fine wine and coffee among many other things, especially quality time with friends and family.

Finally, I can say that I was surprised about the feedback I received so far. Somehow, a bit too much positive ones and don’t get me wrong, I kinda believe that you can learn the most from someone who just tells you that something is not right. Anybody who tells you that is good is someone who respects and love your work, which is a very good thing but to grow and improve your talent means also that you have to receive feedback like … ‘nice, but wouldn’t it be better if’ … and those who cannot specify what may be better are somehow usually right.

So far I love writing and managing this blog and I will continue to do so, I still have so many topics  to write about, some ideas to improve my writing, so much to share and so much to learn. Please continue to read and give me feedback whenever you feel the the need to do so. I really appreciate each and every word of advice I get.

Thanks to all those who read and special thanks to those for giving me any kind of feedback, here on this blog or via private messages. Next Stop: 100 Posts

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