Punk at the Danube



Punk’s not dead, it just smells funny nowadays … it may be different today but I like the fact that there are still punk bands out there.



So, last week, I attended a  concert at the Jazzkeller Krems, a club located in the centre of the city. The event was called “Punk at the Danube, Vol. 2” and four bands were announced, I was prepared for an evening of good ol’ school punk rock.


Fluchtplan, which is a local band, playing good ol’ straight rock. They have a drummer, a bass player and a singer, who also plays keyboard. Quite unusual for a punk rock band, they even play far too many chords. Apart from that they rocked, they had some beautiful songs and you could feel that the audience was okay with all that. We made some jokes during the break and told them that they should break up, find a guitar player and form a new band. They took the joke it quite well, fortunately. Mostly because we knew each other and for them this is more or less a hobby. Honestly, maybe they used too many notes, behaved far too nice on stage or are missing a guitar player, but I also felt that they were good after all.


Chuzpe, a band from vienna, formed in the late 70s and quite a legend according to some. When they entered the stage it felt that about 300 years of music history appeared. Please take it into account that there were only about 4 people standing there. Kinda found it funny that the band produced and published their debut album the 70s and told the audience that they are now working on the 2nd album. This was clearly one of the main acts because the club was now crowded with people, young and old, quite obvious punks and many who were not even close with their appearance. The band started to play and the crowd cheered, the band played like I imagined it, a band that is quite used to playing together. Their performance was … quite perfect, they rocked and knew exactly how to entertain. For me it was okay but a bit too much, especially when the singer asked the guy at the sound control for changes. This is punk we are talking about. After their performance I was quite eager to leave the bar and head off for another place to be and spend the rest of the night.

Fortunately the girlfriend of the singer of the first band convinced me to stay, she told me that she saw the soundcheck of the next band and it was great.


A guy named Lou, a band from carinthia appeared on stage right after the second ban left and they rocked from the very beginning. This was punk rock like I used to know and love. Pure, straight and without consequences, the singer was great, he entertained, performed and posed in front of the audience. He yelled, he sang and he jumped around, the rest of the band was completely with him, it was reduced to few chords, but that’s what you expect from a punk rock concert. This was fun and I was happy that I was convinced to stay.

The last band decided right before the act to split up, it sounds like a joke but it actually happened. When I left the club, in the middle of the night I was happy to have been there and waited until the last note was played.

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