No future lies in ruling hell

… that’s a lesson I learned well.

This quote, coming from a different book, “The Demon” (orig. by Jack Kirby), especially from the very last issue written by Garth Ennis and drawn by John McCrea fits somehow to what’s coming for us.

First of all I am a huge fan of the Hellblazer Series and I have to admit that I didn’t follow the series right from the beginning. I discovered the character while reading “The Books of Magic” (1985) where John Constantine was one of “The Trenchcoat Brigade” showing a young Timothy Hunter, who is destined to become the greatest sorcerer of his time the worlds of magic and wonders which await him. The few pages with John Constantine amazed me and I found his character very interesting. Right afterwards I’ve seen him on Sandman and it even become more fascinating, especially because it was always mentioned that he is no magician or even capable of doing magic like wizards or witches. He knows so much about it and manipulates it that well that the most powerful beings respect or even fear him.


I read some books written by Garth Ennis and decided quite late to buy each issue of the ongoing series, starting with the moment when Brian Azzarello started as an author, somewhere in March 2000. From this point on I read every issue, it had it highs and lows, some stories where fine, some were okay and many were great and a few were thrilling and full of characters, references and much more.

John: Few people really think about dying… paranoids worry about it without really understanding it. Victims of fatal accidents and murder don’t have time to think. You only really think about it if you take the time to. And you only take the time if you know it’s going to happen.

After all that many different authors with #250 a well know author started to write for about 50 issues and it was a great, amazingly horrific ride. I reread it quite often and still think that Peter Milligan did an terrific and quite brave job. Brave because he made quite a lot of changes, introduced new characters and all of those things were fitting well. Honestly, John Constantine fell in love, got married and helped his family, he sure was not going the easy part and show give us one typical Hellblazer story after another. When Hellblazer ended with #300 I was kinda sad, even more when I started reading Constantine within the New 52.


So, after all those years DC started to produce a TV show with John Constantine in the centre of the story and some days ago NBC published a trailer. What little we were able to recognize, some demons, an asylum, a damsel in distress and magic and so far we can tell that they went for the right actor and setting.

Blond – Check – Cigarettes – Check – British -Check – Bad Attitude – Check – Always in the wrong place at the wrong time – Check – Trenchcoat – Check.

Am I completely stunned by the trailer and the information so far? No.
Am I curious and hopeful that this will be done at least with heart and intention to bring the original source material on the small screen? Yes.

Watch out – Fridays, this Fall on NBC. There will be Demons.


John: So. Magic. What’s it all about, then? I wonder what you were after when you go into the game. It’s usually something. Something specific that you think is worth taking risks for. Money. Sex. Revenge. Power. Enlightenment. Thinner thighs in thirty days. It’s a long time ago for most of you, I know. Maybe you don’t remember. Fuck, maybe you don’t even want to. But I’ll tell you something for free. At rock bottom, it’s always about the same thing. It’s always about entropy. The Universe is winding down. Things fall apart. The moving finger writes, and what it writes is “Tough shit.” You can’t get something for nothing. Like God said to Adam when he kicked him out of the garden, “Now you’ve got to work for a living.” If there ever was a free lunch, it ended right there. So we push and we pull and we sweat. Putting in a shit-load of energy to get a little back. Third Law of Thermodynamics, right? The one we all love to hate. Cheers. But with magic, it’s different. Or it could be. Case in point — this fine old plonk. How did it get here? Grapes had to ripen. Peasants had to toil. Some plucky kid in Marks and Sparks had to zip a long the aisles with his pricing gun. Lots of effort. Lots of energy. And once it’s gone, it’s gone. When things fall apart — they do not put themselves back together again. But if you ask a demon to bring you some wine — or jiffy some up with a spell — well, you’re cheating the taxman, aren’t you? It comes for free. No grapes. No peasants. No entropy. So here we all are, then. Chasing the earthly paradise. Trying to sneak back into Eden through the back door, because work is for mug punters. You stupid arrogant little shits. We’re not playing fire, — here we’re playing with napalm. There’s a war on and we’re whoring with the enemy for pennies. Innocent people die when we fuck up. And we fuck up all the time. Oh, don’t get me wrong. Eden’s a nice place. I was there a few months back. Left a piece of myself buried in the ground there, for reasons I won’t go into. So I can tell you, God hates our kind most especially. The cheats. The hellblazers. The collaborators. Look — this is what Heaven has to say to the likes of us.

One thought on “No future lies in ruling hell

  1. Good post but I kinda hated how Milligan ended the run. I think Carey/Manco would have done a much better job, but that’s just me.
    I’m avoiding the tv show completely.
    Great way to end, with that speech and I love his retort after the shit hits the fan – “London’s not the whole world, it just thinks it is.”

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