How blue can you get?



Honestly, this came quite surprising. Don’t get me wrong I like the Black Keys, follow them since they got me with their song “Set you free”, more than ten years ago.

But this time they got me with the whole album, it is quite difficult to say which song I like most. “Fever” is a catchy tune but the other songs do not differ that much, each one in his own way. Bullet in the Brain is the one I like to listen while driving on the highway. Some of the songs are quite slow ballads and some of them even rock like good old times. I like a lot how they make it possible that you believe you listen to an album right from a different era.

Maybe it is because I went through my vinyl collection and put some fine albums from the 60s and 70s on the turntable but I don’t think so.

Furthermore it seems that there exists a mesmerizing vinyl edition somewhere out there, not so fancy like the new Jack White Album. So, no Bonus Tracks to discover while using another speed and a hologram or anything similar, but it still looks nice. Will buy it for sure as soon as I lay my eyes on it.

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