SNL: The charming Web of a British Actor


So, quite some time ago we had the opportunity to see the fantastic Emma Stone hosting SNL. In her opening monologue her co-actor Andrew Garfield appeared as Spider-Man to support her, not that it was necessary at all. What better than to repeat this when Andrew Garfield has the chance to host SNL. This time Emma Stone comes on stage and not only is she there in the opening monologue, we even see her throughout the show.

Apart from Emma Stone we see Kiefer Sutherland and Chris Martin entering the stage to play parts in some sketches. Do they work? Yes. Was it important because Andrew Garfield may have failed throughout the show? No.


Andrew Garfield, being a nice british (born in the US, but grew up in the UK) and kinda quirky actor completely did it. He hosted the show very fine for his first time, they had some good sketches prepared for him. From a funny Family Feud with him playing Justin Timberlake and later on in quite a version of Oliver Twist, followed by action-driven hunt with somehow not so helpful support from Kiefer Sutherland.

But one of the main high points of this show was the weekend update with Cecily Strong and Colin Jost, they got better and better within the last shows but this time they completely rocked. I completely forgot that not so long ago Seth Meyers sat there on this seat to “inform” and “entertain”. Thank you, keep up the good work.

Apparently they had to do a Spider-Man sketch, this was far too obvious to be missed. So here we got it, the scene where we find out that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield may be good actors but still they cannot pretend to kiss like normal people. Fortunately Chris Martin arrives for help and guess what.

By the way they had Coldplay as musical guest and it was great, but I have to admit that I love their music since their very first album.



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