Timothy Dalton on Penny Dreadful

Timothy Dalton on Penny Dreadful, serenading Mae West, and being James Bond


Watched the first episode of this new show some days ago and I can say that I liked it.

Jessica Clausen: I’ve seen a man with a gun and a blond child, a little boy.
Trudie Tredwell: Oh, those Children! Mischevious little devils. Especially when they’re dead.

It is mainly centered on horror, suspense and crime-solving and playing with the elements the genres have to offer. Within the first episode we see many references to characters of classic horror stories. Apart from that we face ghosts, vampires and other undead creatures. At the end of the episode we even get a glimpse of a very famous monster.

Honestly I gave it a try because of the many good actors we are able to see on the small screen. Timothy Dalton, Josh Hartnett, Eva Green and Billie Piper, only to name some of them. So far – no Billie Piper – but the rest is still giving quite good performances so far, especially Timothy Dalton.

I kinda share the love for the old classic monster stories with the producers and I am hopeful that there will be a lot to see in future episodes. This one was promising so far, maybe some more references, a little steampunk there, a little bit more suspense, less gore and it will give us the creeps like it should.

Marla: Haunted house my ass. You need an analyst.

In case you are interested in more information on the show visit blog.penny-dreadful.com


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