The kids are alright


There are quite a lot of bands, musicians and singer-songwriters who started their career by playing some of their favorite songs. In the past years we see a lot of kids, too who are giving their best to show what they are capable of. At first it reminded me a little bit of the beginning of Michael Jackson, when he was singing with the band of his father, the Jackson 5. We all know how that worked out. But that was in the past and as some good recent examples show us we improved at working with talented kids.

Especially the way how Aaron O’Keefe, a teacher who decided to quit teaching the same way each year works with his pupils. It seems that he not only teaches them, he really supports them in a fine way. Regurarly he provides a studio where the students can record their songs. Furthermore you can find them on Youtube.

I can only say that I am amazed, the students are great and talented. , Due to the fact that their teacher is quite keen on Rock Music, they play songs from bands like Tool, Dream Theater, Judas Priest, The Cure, Guns’n’Roses and many more. On the website you can download them for free.

Aaron O’keefe has decided not to go commercial with the songs the students recorded and also not to mention their names within the videos. On the other hand you can read their names in the comment area below.

They post songs and videos on a quite frequent level and you see how each kid grows up. I am looking forward to see one of those kids on the stage of a festival or being part of a successful band or even become famous as a singer-songwriter.

Recently I downloaded the songs from their bandcamp website and since then they rotate on my iPod.




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