Vote for her, please



How could I have missed this one? Thanks to the Rolling Stone Magazine from April 2014 I somehow luckily discovered this show. Immediately, right after reading the article I tried to get my best to get season one,  fortunately I got lucky and I love it from the very first episode. I am still at the beginning of season one when I write this blog entry, there is lot to see, I am well aware of that.

Amy: Mike, talk to me. I am in a room with three people and a fuckload of quiche.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus, well known for her appearance on Seinfeld and the movie “Enough said” with James Gandolfini, is playing Vice President Selina Meyer. She is amazing, having a staff of – how shall I put it – wonderful and very individual characters with special flaws of their own. For one thing she fights for respect and her team helps her in achieving this. This show is built on showing in a very satiric way of how the government works.



The show itself offers fast and pacing dialogues, the writers do not make prisoners, either you get it or you have to rewind and try again. Love that a lot, the fact that each character has its own side stories in the background helps to give this show the feeling that there is a lot going on.

Selina: Oh, my God, this heat is just unbearable.
Gary: I feel like a gecko.
Amy: Sorry to interrupt, but fuck-a-deedoo-dah, fuck-a-dee-ay! Martin at the White House.
Selina: What?
Amy: “Clean Jobs task force likely to be green lit!” Exclamation point.
Selina: Yeah! Oh, my God! That is so great for me!
Amy: And the country.
Selina: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s what I meant. Oh, Amy. Good job, Amy.
Amy: That’s why I get paid the medium bucks.

So far I have seen the “Fundraiser” and the “Yoghurt” episodes and I love the later one very much because here we see a vice president in the “conflict” of feeling sorry for the president and the opportunity of becoming the most powerful woman in the entire world! I love the derailing look on her face when she learns that the president is back in good health.

If you don’t know it by now, take a look, season 3 started recently on HBO.

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