There is a voice in your head and this time it’s real



Previously at the Tribeca Festival, on the 20th of april people were able to participate the premiere of the latest movie written by Joss Whedon (according to he has written it somewhere in 1992). This movie, directed by Brin Hill, features Zoe Kazan & Michael Stahl-David in the lead roles. It is more or less your usual Girl-meets-Boy story with some small twists. In the beginning we see two children, one on the way to school on a sunny and warm day, the other one having fun on a snowy slope with her mum. When she gets on the sledge we see the boy sitting in the class getting nervous. When she loses control and collides a tree the boy falls from the chair and lies there motionless. Many years later we see them both getting on with their lives. 

Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David are doing their best to play the both main characters, seperated but also connected. They are very playful and give very good performances. She already haven some experiences with sci-fi-rom-com movies, give “Ruby Sparks” a try, she is wonderful in this one. This time she has not that many issues, only having a not-so-perfect-marriage as part of her role. Michael Stahl-David has a little bit more chances to play some dramatic aspects of his role, somehow this was not considered in the script. Everything goes a little to fast and comes and goes without real consequences, his crimes in his past, his new job and and the difficulties of meeting the girl he likes.

There are at least two things that I really love about this movie. 

First of all it is a very light romance/comedy with some few sci-fi elements to kick the story in motion. When you look at all the movies recently we see overacting people, dramatic characters and stories on big and also on the small screen. Here we see two people just finding out that they have special connection and try to work out for them what may or may not be good for them. It kinda reminds of the situation of today where we have the chance like never before to get to know people from the other side of the planet. With this movie this was done in very mild and beutiful way, this not a dramatic of how it can go wrong or what dramatic situations you may expect, this is not an emotional wild ride but an entertaining on. 

Secondly it was decided that the release of this movie is not only happening on the Tribeca Festival that day, but fortunately via Video-on-demand on Vimeo. Living on the other side, somewhere in Europe this makes me very happy. This way you have the possible chance of participating, being part of “whats-going-on-or-whats-the-buzz-all-about” and not having to wait until the movie may come to a small cinema nearby. This is something I would really appreciate of having furthermore in the future. In my opinion it doesn’t matter if it is a blockbuster movie or a small independent movie, put it on VOD and ask if people want to pay for it.   

This may not be your favorite drama/comedy or even sci-fi move but it is quite entertaining and between all those dramatic Love Stories recently a well greeted alternative. Thanks a lot to Joss Whedon and his team.

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