A tribute, not that legendary but still good


This is a tribute to a musician, who started to play Blues and Rock by the age of six. For one thing, Jack White became famous with bands like ‘The White Stripes’, ‘The Raconteurs’ and ‘The Dead Weathers’. With all these bands he managed to play with famous and experienced musicians of different genres. Since 2012 he is playing solo and still very successful.

Over the years Jack White with his love for Blues, Punk, Jazz, Rock and other genres also became an icon for keeping the music of those eras still alive. Not that it seems to be necessary but he treats it differently, he loves to work with many instruments and ideas to produce specific sounds. Much similiar to the beginning of the Blues era, as can be seen in the documentary ‘It might get loud’, where he plays and discusses with the Guitar Legends Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) and The Edge (U2).

The album ‘Rockin’ Legends’ more or less works the other way round. Musicians, Artists and Songriter from the take songs from the albums where Jack White participated in any way and play it their way.

Honestly, this works kinda well, fortunately because Jack White loved the Rockabilly sound and you can find traces in many songs. The artists on this album are not really legends, many of them very famous within the Rockabilly area only. Still, they all did a very fine job and it is an album worth listening. My highlights of the album are the versions of ‘In the cold, cold night’, ‘Salute your Solution’ and ‘Steady as she goes’, they are all performed amazingly good.

Furthermore I am grateful that the song ‘Another way to die’ can be found on the album. When I first heard it on the radio many years ago I disliked it a lot. After listening to it a couple of times afterwards it kinda grew on me and in the past few months I can’t get the tune out of my ears. This version is completely reduced to a Blues & Rock’n’Roll soundstyle, which so perfectly fitting for this song, now I love it.

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