Cap and the World of Today



One of the strengths of MARVEL over the years was that they presented their readers a Universe that lived and breathed through their stories and characters. The authors and the artists had a quite difficult job to follow each and every moment that happened within this universe, fortunately they had some very good and fine editiors for support. On the other side they also restricted the creativity but this is another story and I will come back to this on a later blog entry.

Alexander Pierce: Captain, in Order to build a better world, sometimes means tearing the old one down… And that makes enemies.

Many years ago the golden age of movie adaptions started and MARVEL was confronted with the situation that they didn’t have the copyrights for most of their characters to participate from the get-go. They more-or-less decided to start slow with the characters they owned.  One of those movies, Iron Man was a huge success and this helped to play out their strength again. In this one and in each movie afterwards they planted small scenes and hints within the movie, especially at the end of every movie which showed that they are heading in a special direction. Something that other companies totally missed, again. So far, this lead to the very successful end of chapter one with the first Avengers movie.

Steve Rogers: This isn’t freedom, this is fear.

Some weeks ago I watched the new Captain America movie and it was an awesome experience, not only is this an action-packed movie with amazing CGI effects, stunt scenes and funny dialogues – they also wrote and produced a wonderful script. They delievered a story that fits well in our nowaday situation. According to the transparency of personalm data we are at the dawn of a new age, we have the tools to make our life better each day by only sharing our needs publicly and on the other hand it makes it so much easier for criminals, governments and companies to work with the data. This is a difficult situation we face and the media is full of articles which warn and nearly pray at the same time of the main and side effects.

In the first minutes of the movie we are told how SHIELD uses this personal data to make the world a better and peaceful place. They plan to identify possible terrorists and eliminate them within the moment by the implementation of a new system. This somehow gave me the impression that SHIELD is becoming a “George Orwell Big Brother” company with the touch of an aid organization. Captain America, still trying to fit in is not really keen on this and quite skeptical that this is the right way. He is the voice of reason in this story.

This being the main storyline is not only used as an excuse for action scenes like in former James Bond movies, it is also worked out quite well for a movie adaption of a comic which is mainly focussed on entertaining the audience. The actors show us their greatest performances so for, especially Robert Redford who plays Alexander Pierce, the Defensive Secretary. This role couldn’t have been cast in a better way, Robert Redford plays him so very believable, a politician with the finger on trigger, able to decide about life and death completely confident that what he does is the right thing.

Apart from all that we have the question about the identity of the Winter Soldier, some running gags between Captain America and the Black Widow and an amazing Director Fury.

Baron Wolfgang von Strucker: This isn’t the age of spies. This is not even the age of heroes. This is the age of miracles… and there’s nothing more horrifying than a miracle.

Thanks to the writers, producers, the whole cast and the director this is a very entertaining movie with a message. Take a look for yourself – this is MARVEL in one of its finest hours, it will be difficult for them to top this.




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