Smokey and the Comedians


So, last week Seth Rogen hosted SNL with Musical Guest Ed Sheeran. What was there to be expected, jokes about weed and kinky intercourse? Seth Rogen, who became famous with movies like “Knocked up”, “Superbad”, “Zack and Miri make a Porno” among others showed that he is not shy of performing gags with ‘adult’ themes.

This is Seth Rogens third time being a host on SNL, and each time he showed that he can manage this perfectly well.



During the monologue, Seth opens a diary and tells us about his week with the colleagues from the show. One joke follows another and leads to the entry that the authors believe that Seth will not be able to host the show. From this moment on Zoey Deschanel and James Franco appear on stage to support Seth. Honestly, this is not even necessary but works well as a gag on stage.

As mentioned above the authors focussed on the strength of Seth Rogens comedian talent, but fortunately not too much. We see him playing a cop who tries his best to tell pupils that the should say say no to drugs and a commercial about a sperm giveaway due to a change of ‘production’ which are the highlights of the show.

James Franco, one of the guest stars also appears in a monster pals sketch, which is quite a strange one, took me some time to see where this may go.

Apart from that we see an hilarious gag about a pregnancy test by CNN, who is capable to offer results with 15% accuracy and Republicans who go on stage at the Coachella to show that they can also be cool.

Ed Sheeran, the musical guest who is already very famous in his home country and became even more popular in the rest of the world beginning from 2011. Since then his career rocketed very fast and participated with the song “I see fire” on the soundtrack of the movie “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”

Ed Sheeran – Sing

Ed Sheeran – Don’t

The song “Don’t” is from the new and upcoming album “x”, me likes it very much and I am looking forward to the release of the album.

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